With us you will learn everything about skiing off the groomed carpet. The appropriate ski technique for any kind of snow, from fluffy powder to creamy corn snow, from porridge to breakable crust.

We offer different Off-Piste Courses for all Ski Levels:

Level 1: Beginner Off-Piste 
Level 2: Intermediate Off-Piste
Level 3: Competent Off-Piste

What you will learn in our Off-Piste Course!

  • Ski technique off piste
  • Use of your safety gear, transceiver, shovel, probe
  • Rescue procedure & emergency call
  • Interpret the avalanche report
  • Route planing

Our Guides are experts in finding the thin line in between pushing you enough and not overchallenging you. So you will be able to improve your skiing without getting scared off.