Ski Level

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To plan the perfect Day for You,

please give us an idea what your Sking-Skills are like:

How many years do you ski?
How many weeks a year do you ski?
How many weeks off piste experience do you have in total?
How many days a week do you exercise in general?

Rookie Off-Piste

Overall skiing experience should be a minimum of 5 weeks.
Off-piste experience 0 – 3 weeks.

You are a good on-piste skier who can handle black runs without problems. You are able to link turns and stop safely on steep slopes. You feel mentally and physically ready to go off-piste. You will need a “go for it!” attitude and be physically fit.

Advanced Off-Piste

Overall skiing experience should be a minimum of 10 weeks.
Off-piste experience minimum 3 weeks with a mountain guide.

You are confident and comfortable skiing off-piste in moderate terrain. You are prepared to venture into more challenging terrain and snow conditions to further develop your off-piste skills.

Expert Off-Piste

Overall skiing experience minimum 15 weeks.
Off-piste experience more than 6 weeks.

You confidently ski off-piste in all conditions including steep terrain, such as narrow couloirs or steep pitches. You have a thorough understanding of snow safety and rescue procedures and have practiced with your equipment.